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Volume 3, Number 6, December 2011, pages 303-308

Self-perceived Difficulties With Suicidal Patients in A Sample of Italian General Practitioners


Figure 1.
Figure 1. Frequency in percentage of reasons of difficulties to explore suicidal ideation (more than an option could be indicated).


Table 1. Frequency of Cases of Suicides and Suicide Attempts Indicated by GPs During, Respectively, Their Professional Career or A Working Year
Seen during the professional careerIn a working year
Number of
Number of physicians
and percentage
Number of
suicide attempts
Number of physicians
and percentage
None13 (20.7%)None18 (25.7%)
124 (38.7%)133 (47.2%)
29 (14.5%)217 (24.3%)
38 (12.9%)71 (1.4%)
42 (3.3%)101 (1.4%)
52 (3.3%)Total70
62 (3.3%)
102 (3.3%)


Table 2. Difficulties in Exploring Suicidal Ideation: Multivariate Analysis
VariableAdjusted OR
(95% CI)
Gender: female versus male1.07 (0.19-5.93)0.94
Cases of suicide attempt among family members, friends or colleagues (no versus yes)5.44 (0.94-31.26)0.06
Cases of suicide among family members, friends or colleagues (no versus yes)4.07 (0.92-17.97)0.06
Age0.99 (0.78-1.25)0.92
Years of professional career1.04 (0.87-1.23)0.66
Cases of suicide during the professional career0.74 (0.51-1.06)0.10
Cases of suicide attempt in a working year4.26 (1.48-12.28)0.01