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Volume 13, Number 3, March 2021, pages 158-163

Impact of Vascular Anomalies on Pancreatoduodenectomy Procedure


Table 1. Summary of the Demographic and Surgical Characteristics of the Variant as Well as the Control Group of Patients
Anatomical variant groupControl group
PDAC: pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma; CC: cholangiocarcinoma; IgG4: immunoglobulin G4; SPPT: solid pseudopapillary tumor; NET: neuroendocrine tumor; IPMN: intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm; GIST: gastrointestinal stromal tumor; BMI: body mass index.
Number of patients4141
Average age (years)6465
Primary pathology
  Ampullary adenocarcinoma87
  IgG4 pancreatitis20
  Duodenal villous adenoma22
  Choledochal cyst02
  Duodenal GIST01
Anticoagulant therapy31
Antiplatelets therapy1313
Previous abdominal surgery56
Average BMI27.428.2


Table 2. Patients With Anatomical Vascular Variants
Anatomical vascular variantOriginNumber of patients
Replaced right hepatic arterySuperior mesenteric artery29
Gastroduodenal artery4
Celiac artery1
Replaced left hepatic arteryLeft gastric artery8
Replaced gastroduodenal arteryCeliac artery2
Superior mesenteric artery1
Accessory hepatic arterySuperior mesenteric artery3
Replaced gastroepiploic arteryCeliac artery2
Replaced middle colic arteryGastroduodenal artery2


Table 3. Intra/Postoperative Complications
Anatomical variant group (n = 41)Control group (n = 41)P value
N/A: not applicable.
Intraoperative bleeding600.026
Bilio-enteric leak00N/A
Post-pancreatectomy hemorrhage431
Postoperative pancreatic fistula8120.441
Delayed gastric emptying670.773
Intra-abdominal abscess350.712
Superficial surgical site infection100.5
Re-operation in 30 days00N/A
Mortality in 30 days100.5